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CAI Capital Partners Ranked #1 Performing Global Small Cap Buyout Firm

Vancouver, BC – May 12, 2022 – CAI Capital Partners (“CAI”) is pleased to share that it has been ranked the world’s top-performing small-cap buyout firm in the inaugural HEC Paris-Dow Jones Small-Cap Buyout Performance Ranking (2021). CAI is one of only two Canadian managers in the top 20. The new ranking is in addition to the already established and informative HEC-Dow Jones Buyout Performance Rankings of large and mid-sized private equity firms.


The rankings are the result of an academic study completed by Professor Oliver Gottschalg of HEC Paris, one of the world’s leading business schools. The study set out to answer the question: “Which firms in the small-cap segment generated the best performance for their investors over the past decade?”  It draws on performance information from all buyout funds managed by a given private equity firm and aggregates their performance using a novel, proprietary methodology into one overall performance score. The method aggregates performance across vintage years and considers both relative and absolute returns. CAI’s performance score of 3.17 represents that it performed 3.17 standard deviations above zero, the average manager’s score.


Rank Firm Performance Score
1 CAI Capital Partners 3.17
2 Falfurrias Capital Partners 2.91
3 Renovus Capital Partners 2.62
4 GMT Communications Partners 2.02
5 Gauge Capital 1.97
6 Detong Capital 1.35
7 WindRose Health Investors 1.25
8 Via Equity 1.24
9 Imperial Capital Group 1.22
10 Vendis Capital 1.04
11 Seaport Capital 0.89
12 Synova 0.82
13 Trinity Hunt Partners 0.80
14 Frontenac Company 0.75
15 Key Capital Partners 0.68
16 Ufenau Capital Partners 0.61
17 Nippon Mirai Capital 0.45
18 Polaris Private Equity 0.43
19 Cressey & Company 0.42
20 Main Capital Partners 0.41


The study concludes that “for an investor choosing between committing to a few large funds (with large commitments) or to many small cap funds (with small commitments), the diversification effect of having more small funds in the portfolio actually overcompensates for the higher risk of small cap funds so it becomes, theoretically, a dominantly superior strategy to invest into the higher number of smaller funds.”


CAI is proud to be recognized as the top performing small cap buyout firm globally and will continue to strive to deliver top tier returns for our investors.

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About CAI Capital Partners

CAI Capital Partners is a Vancouver-based private equity firm focused on partnering with and growing founder-owned businesses in the Candian and U.S. lower middle market. Over three decades, CAI has invested over C$1.5 billion of equity capital into companies across North America. CAI will begin raising its seventh buyout fund in H2 2022. For additional information, please visit

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Date: May 12, 2022